Here you will find examples of all the work we do with young people who attend The Switch Project

Feel free to take a look and listen to some of the outstanding work our young people produce when given the time, direction and support they need to reach their full potential.

Switch projects


“I think everyone loves The Switch Project because it can help you with whatever your needs are. It has given me a chance to do what I want to do and it has helped me be successful at it, improving my skills incredibly and really enjoying it.”

- Megan H, 15, Dudley

“I spent two terms at Switch after being excluded in year 11. I did web design based on my ambition of becoming a fireman. I’m now going to start an I.T and  public service course at college before joining the fire service. I enjoyed being  there because I learned new things and how to cope better in the future.”

- Adam D, 16, Wolverhampton

“The Switch Project gave me a massive chance after I left my school and had to wait to start another one. I was able to go each day and take part in music activities, learning new skills and making my own tracks. It meant I could start my new school with skills I did not have before.”

- Lakesh P, 15, Wolverhampton

“The Switch Project has helped me in all different kinds of ways. It’s helped my behaviour and helped my confidence when singing in front of people. They have helped with my work and getting a qualification.”

- Karli H, 15, Wolverhampton

“I really enjoyed being at The Switch Project as they helped me so much after I was kicked out of school. They gave me a chance to find out what I wanted to do and motivated me to do it. I now attend college and I’m looking forward to doing an apprenticeship and working with children.”

- Alice L, 16, Wolverhampton