Posted on Jul 16, 2013

WOSCARS 2013, organised by Wolverhampton’s Learning Technologies Team, was held on Thursday 11th July 2013. The event celebrates the creative and digital media that young people in Wolverhampton schools produce throughout the year. This year there were over 500 entries, a new record for the event. Students from age 4 to 18 participated in three amazing ceremonies at Wolverhampton Science Park.

We were absolutely delighted when two of our young people, George and Rhys, had the work that we submitted shortlisted for awards on the night. Here is Rhys’ blog about the event and the awards he won.

Many thanks to all involved and for putting on another fantastic event for the young people of Wolverhampton!


On Thursday we went to the WOSCAR awards and it was actually quite fun!

When we got there we had to wait for Lee to come and then wait for George as well. Lee arrived and parked his car, as he came out he tripped over and said “That’s the way to make an entrance.”

We went inside and shook hands with people, then we got told to go down this red carpet and I went down with Tim and we both had a cheeky smile on our faces! We waited for the rest to come down and we got given some WOSACRS badges to put on our shirts. We went to a room that had loads of food and drinks, I went and got quite a few drinks, muffins and also some popcorn. The drinks and muffins were DANK- the best one I had was the smoothie.

We got called to go inside a theatre which was where the WOSCARS was going to be held. It was full of lights and people with cameras, iPads and music – it was like an awards night you would see on TV. I was hoping we was going to sit at the back and we actually got to sit there! Everyone got to their seats and the WOSCARS began, there was a man called Russell introducing everyone and making jokes, he made the whole thing go well and I enjoyed listening to him. The best work I saw was a horror film that some girls from North East Wolverhampton Academy made, they filmed it themselves and it had vampires in it, some parts were really real.

I won two awards on the night, but I was actually thinking I was only going to win one because the people I was up against were amazing. The videos and pictures they made were classic, so I thought I had no chance, but then my name got called out for my first award which was for my artwork of Brooklyn Bridge in New York (picture below). I made it on Photoshop and was happy they had chosen my artwork as the best, but felt like I was going to faint because my heart was beating fast when I went on stage to collect my award and certificate!!! My second award I won was for a piece of music I wrote called The Key (on The Switch Project’s YouTube channel) and I had a good feeling about winning that one as lots of people have told me they like it.

When I got home my Mom was SO happy for me cause I won the awards. She had been watching the live comments on the Internet and she saw pictures of me on the WOSCARS website. I went down stairs so she could take some pictures of me and my awards to put on Facebook, I got loads of good comments so it made my day even better.

I am really glad I entered my work and pleased I did so well, I was also pleased for George who came as a runner-up for his artwork of a Spitfire aeroplane he did.

I would definitely like to enter more work next year if I get chance.


Photos courtesy of the Wolverhampton Learning Technology Team and Nick Robinson Photography