Visiting West Midlands Fire Service

Posted on Dec 19, 2012
Visiting West Midlands Fire Service

Following a month of visits to our centre by Brian Pearce, Fire Safety Community Advocate at West Midlands Fire Service, the group were invited to attend Fallings Park Fire Station and see at first hand the kind of work the staff do and what it takes to keep us safe all year round. We really enjoyed the morning and the group gained so much from the series of talks and visits, so we would like to thank Brian and everyone at Fallings Park Station for their help and guidance. Below are some of the thoughts of the young people that took part.


When we got to the fire station Brian took us around the fire station and gave us a little understanding of the appliances and the rooms that were in the fire station for example; fire truck, B.A (breathing apparatus) room, dry room, the drop pole etc. Then we went up to a room where a woman called Lindsey gave us a talk about choices in life. The talk was mainly about when we get into cars do we put seat belts on or if we don’t it’s our choice. She also showed us pictures of when people have not put seatbelts on. Basically the moral I took out of it was that in life you can decide to live a safe protected life, do what you want to do and get far. Or you can live a life on the edge, taking a risk which is most likely going to have the worst consequence or outcome.

We also got to go in the gym where four of us got to do a little circuit of steps, boxing, press ups, and running for one minute.

And then we went outside to spray some water at the metal training apparatus that the firemen train on and then one of the firemen went down the drop pole.

What I enjoyed; I enjoyed the talk about the choices, when we sprayed the water and especially when we went in the gym.

Thanks a lot for the visit
Jahmmal Grant


When we went to the fire station Brian, the community fire officer, showed us around. First of all we looked at the offices, then the rest and locker rooms and then the fireman’s pole – the building was one storey high, but the pole looked taller than you’d think.

Then Brian showed us the fire engines, when we met Linsey she talked to us about the accidents if you don’t wear a seat belt and showed us some gory images! Brian then took us into the gym, where Linsey said “Shall we do circuits?” so we did! I started on the treadmill, then the steps, then boxing, then finally and not least press ups.

After all that we went out side and listened to a fire fighter talk about everything in a fire truck, then he let us use the hose and that was the best part of the day.

I really liked the part in the gym and I learned the safety of the seat belt!

Thank you Brian!
George Smith


I liked it when we were shown over the fire station and that everyone was friendly. I liked it when we had the talk with the pictures because that showed us what can happen when we have our seat belt on and when we don’t have it on. I liked it when we went in the gym, but I am still in pain though! I liked it when we got to see the fireman going down the pole, I liked it when we were able to spray the water and I also liked it that we were able to see the fire kit and to see what everything is in the station.

The conclusion is that I liked everything about the trip, even though I am in so much pain! I liked every minute of the trip because it was fun. I told my Mum and Dad about i, they thought it was fun and my little sister said she would of liked to go because she wanted to fire the water.

Thank you again hope to see you again.
Ryan Talbot