Managing Aggression & Physical Intervention for Schools training

Posted on Aug 25, 2015

This one-day course covers an introduction to managing challenging behaviour and de-escalation techniques as well as exploring the law regarding physical intervention and restraint. It then teaches delegates physical techniques including disengagement, defence techniques, basic guiding and holding/restraint techniques for varying risk levels.

Physical intervention techniques taught on course have been medically risk assessed and meet:

  • NHS Guide lines in Breakaway and Physical Intervention
  • MAPPA Guidelines on Physical Intervention
  • BILD Guidelines on the use of Physical Intervention
  • Institute Of Conflict Management Guidelines on the use of Physical Intervention Techniques

By the end of the day delegates will be able to:

  • Understand causes of aggression
  • Develop strategies to deal with aggression
  • Demonstrate the principle of open PALMS
  • Follow the HELP strategy method of managing aggression
  • Understand ‘reasonable force’
  • Understand the law relating to Self Defence and Physical Intervention
  • Perform a dynamic risk assessment
  • Identify the importance of recording and debriefing
  • Demonstrate effective physical techniques (including- wrist, hair, throat and clothing grabs, punches, kicks, third party assistance and escorting/guiding techniques)
  • Demonstrate effective restraint techniques in standing, walking and sitting positions
  • Practice and reflect the importance of ‘Letting Go’ safely
  • Practice effective escalation and de-escalation of techniques

Course costs £120.00 (+VAT) for first delegate and £100.00 (+VAT) for additional bookings

Next training date is Friday 23rd October 2015 9.00am to 3.30pm at The Switch Project

Refreshments and lunch provided

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