RAF Cosford and Dambusters Anniversary Visit

Posted on May 24, 2013
RAF Cosford and Dambusters Anniversary Visit

On Thursday 16th May, the group visited RAF Cosford to see the Lancaster Bomber fly over in commemoration of the famous Dambusters raid during World War II. Whilst at RAF Cosford, we also took the opportunity to visit the museum and learn a little more about the history behind some of the world’s most iconic planes. We have made some short news reports about our visit and these can be found on our You Tube channel.


Last week we went on a trip to RAF Cosford Museum. We parked the car and went to stand by the Museum, the sun was out and there was a crowd of people waiting to see the Lancaster Bomber fly over. The Lancaster Bomber is a special plane that took part in the famous Dambusters mission that bombed German dams during World War II. The plane flew right over our heads and I was surprised at how large it was and the sound it made, it was a great sight!

Then we went into the museum and looked at loads of huge planes like the Hurricane, Spitfire and many more planes. My best plane would have to be the Lancaster because I loved the sound it made and I enjoyed finding out about the bombing raids they did. I would also enjoy seeing a Spitfire fly because I would like to see how fast it can fly!

My video is on You Tube http://youtu.be/L4b-Vw-itb8



We went to RAF Cosford to watch a Lancaster Bomber fly over the base. I learned that it has been 70 years since the Dambusters raid and that only 3 Lancaster planes are still in flight, out of the 200 that were used in World War 2. I really enjoyed the day and also having a look around the museum. With the pictures we have and the film footage I have made a short news report about looking around the museum and some of my favourite planes.

You can see my video on http://youtu.be/Vz_VXU1SP8I



We went to Cosford and we watched the Lancaster Bomber. The reason we went to watch this plane was becasue it is the anniversary of an attack that took place on German dams called ‘Operation Chastise.’ I learned that the German dams were bombed by a bouncing bomb that was designed by a man named Barnes-Wallace and the plane they used to drop the bombs was the Lancaster. I really enjoyed having a look at all the plances, it really fascinated me. It blew me away seeing the size of the plances, they were huge! I was so small stood next to them, I wondered how the pilots felt getting into them.

After we got back we made a news report about our day. I did this by picking clips to use on my video and then used the computer to put them together, I adjusted the sound to fit the video and then I put some music on and titles.

Watch my report on the Internet http://youtu.be/f25G60-HXqQ