“Additional provision, rather than alternative provision.”

“The Switch Project provides a very calm and engaging environment for the young people in need of support. During my time there I could develop my self confidence, concentration and other skills which I can apply in all aspects of my life. A very positive atmosphere and experience.”

Early Intervention Placements

At our centre in Wolverhampton, The Switch Project has provided successful short-term early interventions to support the inclusion of learners whose social and emotional needs are causing concern and preventing them from achieving their full potential.

At Switch our placements our aimed at helping young people understand how situations and issues arise and then approach them in a more reflective way, allowing them to be more effective in solving their own problems and feel more in control. We believe that well-being, security and self-esteem are the essential building blocks in a young person’s development and key to their success in school.

We are able to support children and young people using a structured social-emotional learning programme, plus therapeutic input from professional counsellors and therapists in order to prepare the young person for a successful return to school.

Our emphasis is placed on supporting young people to make good choices in both their educational and personal lives, giving them the ability to recognise and respond to their own emotions, form effective peer and adult relationships and to persevere through difficulties. This programme has been developed in partnership with The University of Birmingham’s Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues research and aims to foster improvement in 5  key development areas:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making

“Before I started Switch I had no hope, I was in Year 11 doing GCSEs and I got kicked out over a silly mistake. After working with Christian, Tim and Lee it made me realise I still had a chance to redeem myself and still go on to achieve what I want if I put my head down and focus.”


Early Intervention Placements consist of:

  • Short-term, part-time placements for young people who need additional social, emotional support
  • A safe, secure and modern environment with high levels of staff support for very small groups of young people. Our centre also acts as a hub for those professionals working around the young person and we are happy to facilitate appointments with other key professionals
  • Initial assessment using Emotional Literacy measurements, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires and PASS (Pupil Attitude to Self and School).
  • Daily attendance register, with notifications of absence sent to school, key professionals and parents
  • The young person is supplied with a WiderSchool profile that allows the school or referring organisation to keep in constant contact, upload work, feedback and review progress. The WiderSchool tool also allows The Switch Project staff to text message parents and other key professionals, whilst also keeping an online record of all the activities and achievements the young person has taken part in whilst at The Switch Project
  • Regular visits from external practitioners to provide careers advice, safer relationships, e-safety and substance misuse workshops amongst others
  • Daily counselling, therapeutic and/or psychological input, both on a 1-2-1 basis and as a group
  • Educational Psychology Assessment if appropriate
  • Reintegration planning and support with the young person, schools, parents and the Local Authority
  • End of placement report, feedback and recommendations

A placement costs £110.00 (+VAT) per day and run daily Monday to Friday 9:30am-2.30pm

PLEASE NOTE: It is important for referring organisations to understand that during a placement The Switch Project targets the social and emotional needs of a young person and does not offer any core curriculum learning outcomes. As a result, we advise that referrals are given the opportunity to access sufficient educational provision elsewhere and a placement with us does not prevent them from doing so. 

“An excellent project with dedicated staff who genuinely care about the students. No judgement is passed or assumptions made. A child attends and is taken on face value which builds their confidence and gives hope. Thank you all.”