The Switch Project specialises in behaviour support. We offer bespoke services to schools and other organisations, staff and young people experiencing difficulties with behaviour and attendance issues.

The Switch Project has worked with young people in Wolverhampton schools and communities for almost 10 years, offering support to those considered vulnerable or struggling to cope in education. With this experience we have developed a range of techniques and resources, which include our inclusion programmes for young people plus support and guidance for schools, local authorities and alternative providers.

We are also delighted to offer Assessment Placements that can respond quickly to a school’s needs and assist in key decision making when supporting pupils who display difficult and challenging behaviour. Referrals will receive the support of a chartered clinical psychologist and undertake nationally recognised attitudinal surveys that measure aspects such as ability to cope, confidence in learning, self-regard and attitudes to attendance.

We also have significant industry experience in multimedia and music production, using these skills as a medium for delivering exciting and engaging workshops that either tackle challenging behaviour, focus on issues such as anti-bullying and self-esteem or provide industry standard workshops in digital arts and multimedia.

Our staff are trained as ‘National Specialist Leaders in Behaviour and Attendance,’ are trained in Pivotal Education Behaviour and Safety, as well as teaching and learning, safeguarding, first aid and professional arts qualifications, plus Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. The Switch Project has also passed Wolverhampton Education Business Partnership’s gateway risk assessment.